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Escape: Hotel Boutique Valle De Guadalupe


In land abounding of fruits and minerals, a family saw magic in Valle De Guadalupe and purchased four hectares to build a family farm on. To them, their home would stand as a symbol of Mexican nobility designed with the capacity to host and receive, friends and family.

Never did they dream of becoming a public place or much less, of building a hotel. Demand and interest grew immensely and once they open their doors to wine lovers, they become known as "the boutique hotel."

In fact, I did not see one hotel franchise in the valley. They have some of the most unique lodgings I have ever seen, therefore, I refrain from calling them hotels. They very well might not be what you imagine. The lodging here, definitely adds to the region's attraction. At the same time, Hotel Boutique does have a more traditional structure (minus the farm). Yes, there is a farm... read on.

Today, their main focus is hospitality. Their estate has 21 rooms, wine cellar, tasting room, equestrian club, 100% organic garden, farm, swimming pool, event space, bar and grill.

The estate is surrounded by foliage and is so picturesque. Arianna and I, could not stop snapping photos since stepping foot. Actually, the first thing we see is farm animals which threw me off. I was not sure if there was a zoo, a vineyard or a church on the premises.

From afar, Hotel Boutique resembles a Catholic Church, tall with a bell atop. I had not researched it prior to visiting, yet we love it so much so, we stay until closing time. I'm not going to lie, we did not stay over at this fascinating hotel. After a day of exploring "La Ruta Del Vino" on a trip with Vinos De Baja Tours, we happened to come by for dinner.

You know what that means! Stay tuned for my RestauRanting review on Fuego Cocina Del Valle located within Hotel Boutique.

Photos by Arianna Fajardo.


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Press release provided by Hotel Boutique Valle De Guadalupe.


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Ensenada Municipality 22750, Mexico



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