I grew up in a household where suspenseful telenovelas were all the rave - posole, birria and tamales reserved for special occasions and Spanish, the primary language.  I am Mexican-American and have lived in Southern California forever ever.

I belong to a foodie family, way before foodie was a thing, before social media and the hype.  At a young age, my father opened restaurants in different locations which required the family to relocate quite often.  I have resided in many cities throughout my life–everywhere between Los Angeles and Temecula.  My father’s Michoacán roots are embedded in his craft and Mexican cuisine is what he served at each restaurant he opened and operated, long ago.  It is a privilege to have parents who make some of the best authentic Mexican food; in fact, dining out for Mexican food is hard... unless it's tacos.  Passion and dedication is what I saw in my father and which inspired me to join him at the restaurant on several occasions.  It was a good feeling making myself useful at the register, dishwasher... heck, even sitting in the office was interesting.     


Fast-forward to the year 2016, when stepping out as a foodie on the Instagram and blog scene, so late in the game, is intimidating.  During the summer, when a local news website gave me the opportunity to execute tastings and write restaurant reviews for their food column, I discovered a true passion.  From then on, I was determined to build Rosebud Tastebuds.     

For the most part, I make breakfast at home and dine out for dinner.  Although, I am not a chef, I do enjoy cooking, especially for family gatherings.  I am a single woman divorcée and the eldest of five siblings.  I own a home, a ton of shoes and a beautiful husky dog who's my jogging buddy. 

Lastly, the foodie life is more of a hobby than a day job.  I attained a Bachelor's Degree in Psychology from California State University of San Bernardino, in 2006.  I am also a certified Anger Management Facilitator.  During my adolescence, I was very involved in the arts.  My college years, however, were scientifically geared.  On two occasions, I conducted and presented extensive research studies at the Western Psychological Association Conventions - Newport Beach, California and Vancouver, Canada.  I currently work in the marketing field.  I enjoy keeping up with trends, the arts and food.  Food is my main passion and I hope you will enjoy this adventure with me.