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RestauRanting: The Canyon Cowboy



If you climb in the saddle be ready for the ride. The Canyon Cowboy has a whole new look and it's much wilder than before. Over the winter 2017, the restaurant remodeled the interior space completely, from top to bottom, keeping in line with a country-cowboy motif. We dropped in to experience the shine along with the dynamite menu.

If you take pleasure in the great outdoors, then you will enjoy the spacious patio overlooking an evergreen golf course. The pleasant scenery can also be captured inside through expansive windows. The Canyon Cowboy is located in a small plaza, in Canyon Lake, California.

Loosen the belt buckle because today we indulge in cowboy grub or country style comfort food. As our order makes its way to our table, I am pleasantly surprised that each appetizing dish is different from the other. Definitely not the BBQ sauce extravaganza I was expecting.

Spinach Dip ($7.95)

Our dinner is off to a great start with a shareable appetizer. A hot skillet contains a blend of cheeses, spinach and a nice top crust you must break into. The hot and creamy Spinach Dip is served with house-made tortilla chips.

Wings ($10.95)

We ordered wings with only flavors a chicken would be proud of: mango habanero, sweet red chili, buffalo, BBQ and plain. Each order comes with 10 wings tossed in your choice of sauce. The wings have a nice consistent crisp and sauciness. We dipped those wings in a variety of house-made sauces: peppercorn ranch, roasted pepper aioli, chipotle aioli, marinara and BBQ. Finger-licking, baby!

Canyon Cowboy Pot Roast ($16.95)

Get a wiggle on, the Canyon Cowboy Pot Roast is a must have! A rustic bowl holds a Demi sauce bath with creamy mashed potatoes at the base. A perfect chunk of braised short rib is thoughtfully placed on the top and finished with fried onion. Broccolini and other veggies complete the flavors in this well known dish. Has Pot Roast ever looked so stunning?

Steaks ($22.95 - $34.95)

Every cowboy needs a good steak. Take your pick from three USDA prime steaks: Sirloin, New York or Ribeye. Executive chef hand cuts each steak to render optimal succulence. You can also add surf to your turf with five sauteed jumbo shrimp ($6.95). We paired the tender steak with mashed potatoes and broccoli. This dish is served on a hot skillet to keep the sizzle going.

Hickory Mesquite Salmon ($17.95)

All entrées are served with two fixens of your choice. The Hickory Mesquite Salmon filet paired splendidly with Campfire Corn and Brussel Sprouts. Take the plated grilled lemon and give it a squeeze over the flaky fillet to complete it.

Chuck Wagon Chicken Fried Chicken ($14.95)

A six ounce chicken breast is hand breaded then deep fried until golden. The crispy chicken is finished with Grandpa's country sausage gravy that will knock your socks off if you haven't fastened your bootstraps. Alongside this scrumptious chicken are mashed potatoes and hearty Cowboy Beans. Can I get a “Yeee-haaaw!”

Homemade Chocolate Lava Cake ($7.95)

Dig in and scoop out the lava. The center is where it’s at. Not only does the ice cream melt so gracefully over the cake, but the melted chocolate center is pure fire. This homemade dessert is served on hot skillet.


Grab yourself a partner and saddle up to the large inviting bar. Enjoy a craft cocktail or one of 20 draft beers. In the vicinity, an impressive stage is equipped with professional-grade lighting and sound system. There is always entertainment going on during evening hours. Be sure to check their schedule of events and try not to get into too much trouble.

31504 Railroad Canyon Rd, Ste 1

Canyon Lake, CA 92587

951. 723. 2201


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