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RestauRanting: Soho Ramen & Sake Bar

Soho. Bar. Bar Stools. Drinks. Lounge. Temecula. Restaurant



Owner Dwayne Ciang, envisioned a distinctive dining experience exclusive for Japanese craft beers, hand crafted specialty sake cocktails and absolutely incredible ramen. He certainly did the city of Temecula, California a favor, by opening this sleek, yet inviting location on June 17th.

Edamame. Green Beans. Vegetable. Dish. Menu. Chopsticks. Appetizer. Restaurant.

Edamame ($4.50)

The name says “Ramen” but the menu says "Asian deliciousness." Chef Ciang offers five different and uniquely flavored ramen soups, as well as, Japanese favorites like udon, yakisoba, rice bowls and salads. You can expect seven entrees with an emphasis on fish and some vegan options, as well.

Bao. Guan. Pork Belly. Chinese Sandwich. Buns. Food. Temecula. Restaurant.

Pork Belly Bao ($9.00)

Bao means bun and Guan Bao is basically a soft, warm, white bun with delicious pork belly tucked right into it. It is also know as the "lotus leaf bun", or more informally as the Chinese sandwich. Each order gets you two meaty bao garnished with vegetables like cucumber, leafy greens and pickled onion.

Spicy Tuna. Food. Restaurant. Dish. Menu. Rice Crispy. Sushi.

Crispy Rice Spicy Tuna ($8.95)

If a rice crispy treat and sushi had a baby... well, that brings us to our next dish. The name says it all. Crispy Rice Spicy Tuna is a small crispy rice square topped with spicy tuna, just like sushi. This fun appetizer comes with five pieces.

Scallops. Restaurant. Dish. Seafood. Yuzu. Wasabi. Temecula.

Seared Scallops ($24.95)

Large, succulent scallops are pan seared and drenched with an edamame wasabi puree and a tangy Yuzu pepper sauce. I am a big fan of Yuzu and it does so much for this flavor profile. The stunning dish is plated with a wonderful matcha mayo and garnished with micro greens.

Branzini. Fish. Grill. Restaurant. Dish. Vegetables. Broccolini. Food. Lemon.

Grilled Branzini ($24.95)

I love fresh fish! A whole Branzini is grilled to perfection and served with roasted baby carrots, broccolini, asparagus and zucchini. Simple and satisfying.

Ramen. Soup. Bowl. Food. Miso. Chopsticks. Temecula.

Spicy Miso Ramen ($12.95)

The vegan ramen here is made ultra vegan. The noodles and broth are both vegan, of course. It’s combined with black fungus, green onions, arugula, wakame and organic tofu. Furikake, garlic oil and croquette tempura to finish off the dish.

My go-to soup is the delicious Spicy Miso Ramen. The broth is so flavorful, the meat tender and the jammy egg adds to the goodness. On the spicy barometer, I'd rate it a five.

Cake. Dessert. Crepe. Custard. Whipped cream. Food. Cream Puff. Restaurant.

Multi-Layer Crepe Vanilla Cake ($7.50)

Creamy vanilla custard is spread between layers upon layers in a crepe stack. A beautiful slice of crepe cake is plated with light and airy, strawberry cream puffs. This happens to be the owners favorite dessert and I second that.

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Their sleek bar carries a nice selection of wine and Japanese beer. Not a very big list, but a nice list. The bartenders are great and a very helpful. You must know that the beer is not the typical Asahi or fact you cannot buy them here. Rather, they carry a unique selection of Japanese Craft Beers, three on tap, that are almost impossible to find. There is also creative sake based cocktails that are smooth to the taste.

Japanese Beer. Bar. Lounge. Sake. Bottle. Glass. Temecula.

Soho is located within the Promenade Temecula shopping center, next to Macaroni Grill.

Soho Ramen & Sake Bar

41257 Margarita Rd Ste B101

Temecula, CA 92591


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