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Chinese New Year Brings New Items To Pick Up Sticks


This Chinese New Year, Pick Up Sticks is launching Crispy Honey Shrimp in three irresistible flavors. Starting February 5, 2019, you can order Pineapple Chili, Firecracker and Crispy Honey.

Over the weekend, I got to preview these plump, prawn stars. The menu consistently features shrimp—Kung Pao, Garlic, Thai Sweet Chili, Shrimp & Vegetables—and now, that crisp crisp is here to offer a delicious escape. While I cannot confirm the price point, all shrimp entrees are currently $9.99.

My favorite flavor of Crisp Honey Shrimp is Firecracker. Of the three, it is the crispiest with fire flavor that starts sweet and finishes with a spicy kick.

The Pineapple Chili pops just as much as the Firecracker. This flavor is the sauciest of the three. Crushed pineapple and chili flakes infuse the honey sauce.

I had imagined that Crispy Honey would be my favorite flavor, but after sitting down and tasting each flavor side by side, I added a few condiments to take honey to the next level. Sriracha and chili sauce made it just right.

Food is wok cooked to order. Catering and delivery service is available.

There are over 70 locations. Find out about their rewards program and if there is a Pick Up Sticks near you.

Pick Up Sticks

24635 Madison Ave

Murrieta, CA 92562


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