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RestauRanting: George Lopez's Chingon Kitchen

Chingon: (adjective) Mexican slang to describe something extremely awesome or bad-ass.


Urban decor at George Lopez's Chingon Kitchen is met with a super chill vibe. Large vibrant murals and canvas art cover the extended brick walls. This theme is consistent throughout the hip restaurant which is seamlessly divided between the Chingon Kitchen and Chingon Tequila Lounge.

George Lopez is proud of his heritage and represents this in his restaurant. The bad-ass menu offers simple Mexican food made from high quality ingredients for just $8 and under. So make yourself comfortable on a sofa by a fireplace, table, bar or booth... and get ready for a fiesta!


Over 100 top shelf tequilas make up a full service, sleek bar. Get a dose of an all time favorite like Don Julio or a rare find like Tres, Cuatro y Cinco Extra Añejo.

The Chingon Tequila Lounge begins serving alcohol at 5pm and also marks the start of happy hour which runs until 7pm.

Happy Hour Tacos ($2)

The happy hour tacos are different from the tacos serves at the Kitchen. The two dollar tacos must be ordered in the lounge area and are prepared with regular tortillas. They also offer a limited meat selection with al pastor as a consistent item. Other meat option can be tinga, lengua or chorizo, depending on the day.

After a friendly waitress brought my tacos, I stepped over to the condiment station to add the fixings. My al pastor tacos are full of flavor from the spice rub and charred edges. I would order these again.

Mexican Candy Margarita ($5 happy hr)

Piñatas and spicy candy are traditional staples in Mexican celebrations. Sure enough the Mexican Candy Margarita sparked nostalgia of childhood birthday parties. This flavor is a mix between watermelon, strawberry and a spicy kick that doesn't go unnoticed. The drink itself is spicy, in addition to the Tajin rim. Mexican Candy is a slushy consistency and is garnished with a slice of lime and juicy watermelon chunks. My mother and I loved it.

Happy hour margaritas are prepared with Camarena Blanco Tequila and come in two flavors: Fresh Lime and Mexican Candy.

Draught beer such as Dos XX and Bud Light are $5 during happy hour. All other cervezas are $6, regularly.

Impala Margarita ($13)

Some of their best selling margaritas include the Blackberry Sage and Diablo Jalapeño Watermelon. My evening felt extra special with the Impala—I even took it for a cruise onto the casino floor. This cocktail is made with Patron Reposado, fresh citrus juices, agave nectar, Cointreau, Grand Marnier and a house candied orange slice for garnish.

I hope you're in the mood for Latin tunes. Catch live entertainment everyday of the week! Friday and Saturday, 8 pm - 12 am. Sunday through Thursday, 7pm - 10pm.


Ordering is done in three simple steps: (1) select an item type, (2) choose a filling, (3) finishing with toppings. Tacos, burritos, bowls, salads and baked potatoes are piled with wood-fired carne asada, herb crusted rotisserie chicken or spit-fired al pastor. Savor this goodness with hand made corn or flour tortillas.

Yummy sides include taquitos, street corn, guacamole, tortilla chips, frijoles negros and arroz. Top off your menu selections with avocado salsa, habanero salsa, pico de gallo, tomatillo salsa, corn, rajas, Mexican cheese, shredded cheese, nacho cheese.

Cabo Stuffed Potato ($6)

I prepared my baked potato to my liking by going down the assembly line (similarly to Chipotle). My potato has butter, nacho cheese, crema and rajas. Although I kept it vegetarian, you can stuff it with meat, rice and beans, as well. The potato was excellent and would order it again.

Churros ($4)

Artisan churros are dusted with cinnamon sugar and everything nice. These light and crunchy churros are served with two dipping sauces—chocolate and caramel.

George Lopez's Chingon Kitchen is located on the second floor inside San Manuel's Rockin' Casino. In case you are not familiar with the layout of this casino, here is a simple description. If you park your car in the structure, you must take the elevator to the third floor in order to enter the casino. This will place you directly on the second floor of the casino. Once you are inside, you can take the escalator down to the first floor or remain in the Rockin' Casino area.

Friday - Saturday 11am - 2am

Sunday - Thursday 11am - 12am

Happy Hour 5pm - 7pm

777 San Manuel Blvd

Highland, CA 92346



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