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Costco's New Menu Items



Sausage fans go into crisis mode after learning their Costco shopping trips wont be topped with a ($1.50) Polish Dog from the food-court any longer. The uproar seen on social media includes pleas to bring back the dog and the hashtag #SaveThePolishDog. The big wholesale brand begun phasing out the popular treat and has introduce healthier options in lieu.

This move to update the menu with healthier options goes in line with the global rise in mindful eating. "Sales of plant-based food in the US went up by 8.1% during the past year, topping $3.1 billion, according to research carried out by Nielsen for the Plant Based Foods Association (PBFA) and the Good Food Institute." (Fox, Katrina. "Here's Why You Should Turn Your Business Vegan in 2018." FORBES, 27 Dec. 2017. Web. 16 Jul. 2018.)

Another item that is set to be eliminated is the Berry Sundae. The new additions are set in place and I decided to give them a try.

Acai Bowl ($4.99)

Six ounces of purple soft serve with no artificial color is swirled into a clear plastic bowl and packed with fresh blueberries, strawberry and granola mix. The description reads "acai and baobab antioxidant rich fruits."

Have you heard of baobab before? It is a citrus fruit that grows in the form of a pod in baobab trees primarily found in Africa and Australia. This super-food is often sold in powder form. It can be used in smoothies, sauces, soups, and even baked goods.

The Acai Bowl presentation is not like the one on display, nevertheless, I like that it's fruity, healthy and enjoyable. Its components seem to come in equal amounts and just in case you're counting, the calorie count rings in at 330. Not such a dreadful compromise. Right?

Al Pastor Salad ($4.99)

The Al Pastor Salad is a fusion of Mexican and Vietnamese. Let me begin by pointing out that the al pastor layered on top of the chopped romaine lettuce is not quite like the type found in taquerias, hot and juicy taco meat. This plant-based (soy) protein is served cold and is well disguised with al pastor seasonings.

The healthy salad also contains black beans, chopped olives and shredded carrot. The description reads, "Bánh mì vegetables and dressing... calories 330-750."

A peach colored dressing is provided on the side. While the consistency is thick and creamy the flavor highlight is ginger. When I opened the container for the first time, I knew I smelled the scent of ginger. I was confused and second guessed myself thinking it would make an odd pairing. But it works!


In this episode of RestauRanting Live!, I taste the Al Pastor Salad at Costco for the first time. Click now to watch.


Although some have said "RIP" to the polish dog, it is not completely out of our lives. Sam's Club just announced they will begin to offer the quarter-pound, kielbasa-like sausage for 99 cents on ALL of their menus, by July 23, 2018.

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