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Dish It: Baked Crispy Apple

Move over apple pie... this is much better!


At times, don’t you just wish you could begin your meal with dessert first? My foodie friends and I met up at 4th and Mill, for a taste up. We ordered a nice spread of good ol’ comfort food, along with a captivating dessert.

The Baked Crispy Apple ($7.49), from 4th and Mill, is utterly comforting and homey. Green apples are peeled, sliced and coated with cinnamon, brown sugar, and granola. It’s similar to apple pie filling with the addition of cream cheese spread on top, and then, baked until golden. There is no crust involved which makes the edges of the apples crispy and phenomenal.

The dessert is plated with a scoop of vanilla ice cream that begins to melt upon contact and finished with caramel drizzle. My mouth watered as the aroma of baked apples tickle my nose. As I dive into the dessert, a milky bath begins to form in the bowl that tastes like sweet cream and warm spices. I'd prefer this over apple pie any day!

The come-as-you-are bar and grill has a fully stocked bar, tv’s and three pool tables separating the bar from the dining space. The next time I meet my friends here, I’ll know where to begin.

Chef Claudia & Rose

11260 Fourth St

Rancho Cucamonga, CA 91730



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