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Dish It: Sausage & Polenta

It's time to put Sausage and Polenta on your agenda!


The fare at Mama Rosa's Trattoria, inside Robert Renzoni Vineyards and Winery, is as captivating as their Tuscan-style vineyard.

La trattoria has the only brick oven in wine country that offers your favorite Italian comfort food. The menu changes from time to time to suit the season and demand. Today, I visit my friend, Chef Felix Aguilar, to try the latest addition on his menu–Sausage & Polenta!

Chef begins by searing polenta to form a nice crust around it. Next, he sears Italian sausages, as well. A batch of fresh, meaty red sauce is tossed in the pan and finished with fresh basil. Lastly, green and red peppers are sauteed and plated atop a layer of steaming polenta, sausage, and bolognese.

We have all heard of Salt Bae and now, it is my pleasure to introduce to you Cheese Bae. Chef completes the dish by sprinkling shavings of asiago cheese with dexterous technique. Oh yes!

My mouth watered as the amazing aromas tickled my nose and I can't wait to have a taste. I enjoyed my meal in the main dining area, in the outdoor patio overlooking the rolling hills with a glass of Big Fred's Red to complete the experience.

The sausage is utterly juicy, has a mild kick of spice and goes great with the creamy polenta. The meaty bolognese is bright and well balance with notes of basil coming through. Really dig in, to capture a mouthful of all the wonderful ingredients in one bite. Asiago adds the perfect element to this Italian sensation. Thank you Cheese Bae, for making my day!

To view a video of this experience, please refer to the video below. Click to watch episode 2 of Tastefully Yours where I interview Mr. Robert Renzioni and peek inside the kitchen as chef fires it up.


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