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New York: The Food Hall Inside Grand Central Terminal

Updated: Jan 20, 2020


It was my first time in New York and I had no idea the Grand Central Terminal had a food hall — formally known as the Grand Central Lower Level Dining Concours. I boarded the train in Connecticut and once we arrived at the iconic terminal, all we wanted to do was capture the main area and then go outside to see the city. But first... the restroom. During our quest for the restroom, we stumble upon the Lower Level Dining Concourse. In the dimly lit building, the food hall shined like gold to my eyes and sounded like a high-note "ahhh," by the church choir.

We didn't explore the food hall until the time of departure. Due to time constraints, I order my food to go before taking a snap shot of each eatery. Next time you find yourself in New York, do know that the 14 eateries mentioned are associated with Grubhub, Doordash and Seamless.

1. La Chula

A New York based Mexico City- Style Taqueria under the vision of chef-owner Julian Medina. The menu includes tacos, ceviche and vegetarian meals, as well.

2. Jacques Torres

An ice cream parlor offering fancy frozen treats and savory bites.

3. Prova Pizzabar

A concept by celebrity and iron chef judge Donatella Arpaia. Indulge in award-winning meatballs, pizza, pasta and craft cocktails.

4. Latineria

Another concept of Chef Julian Medina prevails. Here is an eatery serving traditional Latin heat and soul, all day.

5. Wok Chi

This concept offers fresh ideas in stir-fry asian cooking. The Wok aims at good mood food.

6. Hale and Hearty

Made from scratch soups, sandwiches and custom-made salads from seasonal to favorites.

7. Shiro

Grab-and-go sushi and Japanese cuisine. If you visit their website you can sign up to "get insider info on special offers, hot events and the latest news from Grand Central."

8. Central Market

A deli offering a variety of sandwiches prepared with local baked bread and homemade dressings and spreads. You can also pick up snacks, lattes, wine and beer.

9. Eata Pita

Not to be confused with Eat A Pita from the West Coast, although similar in concept. Entice your taste buds with Middle Eastern flavors.

10. ArtBird & Whiskey Bar

This concept lies in the center of the hall and is where I picked up a bite to bring with me on the train. I ordered from the "Specials" chalkboard a Nashville Hot chicken Sandwich ($10). I love the heat, the crunch and the pickles in this sandwich.

11. Zaro's

A fourth-generation family-owned bakery in the New York area with a total of 11 locations.

12. Chirping Chicken

If you love that flame broiled effect like me, this place is for you. Try their charcoal- broiled birds, hamburgers, sandwiches or salads.

13. Cafe Spice Express

Serving vibrant, traditional and contemporary Indian cuisine.

14. Shake Shack

A burger joint that has made its way to the west coast. Not all kitchens have seating but if you walk to one end, you will come across an area.

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