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RestauRanting: The Pie Hole



Does a food, product or service become more meaningful after you find out what takes place behind the scenes? I find it so interesting that The Pie Hole has a community approach when it comes to doing business. They are a proud supporter of co-op run and family owned farms.

The Pie Hole is a family run organization franchising near the Los Angeles area and Japan. Founded in 2011, eleven locations currently feature generations-old sweet and savory family pie recipes, available for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Enjoy distinct flavors of premium pies along with an exclusive line of The Pie Hole Fair Trade Organic coffees.

Moreover, one co-op organization they partner with is Café Femenino,

whereby women grow, harvest AND process coffee. Most of these women are from Latin America and head of their household. They are able to provide for their families by earning a premium wage as part of the Fair Trade Process.

Savor every crumb with a cup of organic house blends which are also Rainforest Alliance Certified. There are many other tasty beverage options to choose from like: specialty lattes, tea, house made lemonade, nitro cold brew and draft beer. Each month, the bakery features a unique flavor profile of pie and drink. Not all locations carry the same exact menu nor is it marked with the same price. (For this reason, I opted to leave out the price point.)

Earl Grey Tea Pie

It's easy to see why the Earl Grey Tea Pie is their biggest seller. This unique pie is nothing but layers of moussey goodness served on Mom's Crust. The mousse filling is made of tea infused white chocolate. Usually, I am not a fan of white chocolate, yet in this scenario, it works incredibly well. Dark chocolate notes peek though without overpowering the pie's delicate flavor. A heap of house made vanilla whipped cream adds to the moussey texture and a subtle crunch from the pistachio garnish. It's a must have!

Salted Caramel Pecan

Once fall hits, you will want to reach for a sweater and this piece of deliciousness too. I am sorry to inform you that not all pies are offered year round and the Salted Caramel Pecan is one of them. Gooey caramel melts in your mouth so sweetly with a nice nuttiness crunch to follow.

Salted Honey Custard

The Salted Honey Custard along with the aforementioned are my top favorite selections. Rich and creamy custard is infused with clover honey and brûlée-like finish. A sprinkle of rock salt and a honey drizzle make for something sweet and salty.


Adorable quiches are a new addition to the menu. And I say adorable because they are personal size... like the size of an English muffin. Select two flavors like Ham & Cheddar and Kale & Gruyere, for six dollars.

Mac 'n Cheese Pot Pie

On the savory side, the Mac 'n Cheese Pot Pie exceeds my expectations while still invoking a sense of guilty pleasure, as with the sweet pies. An ultra flaky crust with a cheesy noodle filling has me feeling like an unapologetic fat kid.

Matcha Pie

The month of March is all about matcha. You could pair your favorite matcha drink with their featured Matcha Pie. A light mousse made of white chocolate and Tenzo Tea matcha fill a graham cracker crust. This pie has a caramel base and a drizzle of caramel with whipped cream atop.

Blackberry Panna Cotta

The flavor of the month this April is Blackberry. The Blackberry Panna Cotta has a nice burst of fruity blackberry, but was more like jello versus cream. They also featured a blackberry iced tea with strong notes of mint and muddles berries.

Nutella Pie Hole

This my friends, is Nutella continuing to work its magic. Sink your teeth into a little Pie Hole to get to the hazelnut creamy center. I would definitely order this one again.

Pie Holes

In total, I visited three locations and found that the Pie Hole in Rancho Cucamonga has the best prices overall. Here, they also serve Pie Holes at the perfect temperature. There was one location that served these cool, which was not as good as when they are something like room temperature. The other two locations I visited are in Orange County and Downtown L.A.

Press release provided by The Pie Hole.


Click below to watch an episode of RestauRanting Live at The Pie Hole.

The Pie Hole

2466 N Mainstreet

Rancho Cucamonga, CA 91739



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