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Chef Rosie O'Connor Cooks For Former Mexican President Vicente Fox

Updated: Jan 20, 2020


An expedition hosted by Chefs Latinos invited 18 culinary experts from Latin America and California to partake in "Festival Gastronomico" in La Hacienda San Cristobal Leon in Guanajuato, Mexico, which is former Mexican president Vicente Fox's home town. 

A dream came true on November 9th for Chef Rosie O'Connor, executive chef and operator of Sun City's Provecho Grill, as she had the honor of cooking for a president during the gastronomical festival.  It wasn't easy for her to come up with the perfect dish.  

"I wanted to make a dish that represented a region in Mexico and put my spin on it. I am an American born chef who specializes in Mexican cuisine. I wanted to honor [Vicente Fox] by making something different than mole or something general. I made a typical shrimp soup from Tuxpan, Veracruz. I made the base with hondashi & guajillo chile and topped it with Tobiko (flying fish eggs) tortilla chips, & pozole. I poured my heart into that dish. I made it a few times at my restaurant before making it for him,” she said.

Fox complimented Chef O'Connor after tasting the dish by saying, "Her father would be proud and that even though she lives in California, her heart is from Mexico."

Antonio Alcaraz, director of Chefs Latinos was proud to have O'Connor on the team: 

"We will achieve many great things with Chef Latinos.  Chef Rosie's story will travel the world and inspire many women, as she already does.  Thank you for being part of this beautiful project."

Fox was delighted by the entire event and spoke highly of all the culinary experts by saying: 

"What stands out to me is not only the extraordinary culinary cuisine we enjoyed today, but the quality of your personalities, your ability to spread joy and the excellent feelings that food can bring to people."

Visit Provecho Grill for a meal fit for a president.  

Press release provided by Rosie O’Connor.  Courtesy photos.  

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