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RestauRanting: High Quality, Low Price at SushiStop

It's the moment we've all been waiting for, high quality sushi at the best possible price!


Choose one of six locations in the Los Angeles area, from shabby to chic, and dive into a sushi menu that starts at the unheard price of $3.50. At SushiStop you can order smaller portions and explore a variety of unique items.

The owner of SushiStop, Shuji Kimura, believes everyone should be able to afford authentic Japanese quality sushi. Every morning he makes a daily trip to the fish market in Downtown Los Angeles and is dedicated to handpicking fish. He also personally delivers it to each one of his restaurants to ensure quality and freshness.

Baked Green Mussels ($3.25)

The menu looks like one I have seen before with the exception of the price. Everything really does costs $3.50 unless otherwise stated. There is a considerable number of items set at this price so I wouldn't say its bait to lure costumers in. Specialty rolls, basic and aburi (a.k.a. seared) sushi range from $3.25 to $6.50. Hand rolls generally go for $4.00, while sashimi is $6.50 a plate.

One order of Baked Green Mussels hits the table and my entire party has to have them. Fresh out the oven, the mussels are served piping hot. We give them a few minutes to cool before taking them down. Each beautiful shell is carefully coated with a topping that at times can be overpowering. We noticed the neatness and proper ratio of topping to meat. The best part is when you can still taste that ocean freshness in each bite. The mussels were definitely a hit!

Snapper Yuzu Carppacio ($6.50)

The Snapper Carppacio seduces my senses and entices me to order a series of stellar sashimi. I am glad this dish came first because its delicate flavor is probably best enjoyed on a fresh palate. This heavenly snapper is thinly sliced, plated with yuzu and topped with crunchy, red peppercorns. I recognize yuzu every time I eat it because I absolutely love it. Its citrus accent is glorious on seafood.

Salmon Truffle ($6.50)

The salmon is prepared with truffle oil, ponzu and topped with tobiko. It's a wonderful experience when salmon melts in your mouth like butter. One thing I really like about sashimi is that the fish is the primary ingredient and flavor. Its simplicity captures my attention, today.

Albacore Ginger Yuzu ($6.50)

I always look forward to eating albacore on a sushi stop. The regular menu offers albacore sashimi with ponzu and crispy onions, yet I opt for the daily special. The special is plated with ginger-yuzu sauce and topped with green onions. I appreciate the bright flavors at work, here. This combo is so refreshing.

Yellowtail Chili Ponzu ($6.50)

Fried garlic bits, garlic oil, chopped chili peppers and ponzu is a dynamic concoction on yellowtail. I recommend ordering this dish lastly because its pungent flavors of garlic and peppers will linger in your palate.

Chicken Teriyaki Bowl ($3.50)

For that odd person in your party who isn't a sushi eater, there is always chicken teriyaki.

5917 Franklin Ave

Los Angeles, CA 90068



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