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Soho Ramen & Sake Bar Nominated For A Michelin Star



The Japanese inspired restaurant that opened in Temecula, California this past June, has quickly been noticed and nominated for a Michelin Star! It has not even been one year since their grand opening and Soho Ramen & Sake Bar is revamping their menu to prepare for Michelin inspectors.

Dwayne Ciang, executive chef and operator expressed his excitement to me during my recent visit to his restaurant. "I plan to prepare and expand the menu... People request certain items and I want to please my customers," he said.

Beef Short Rib Shoyu Ramen

Ciang gave me a sneak peek of what the new menu will include when he brought me a steaming hot bowl of ramen. He said, "I hope you like beef short rib." He explained that a customer had requested beef ramen, and therefore, decided on this cut of meat.

Beef short rib is irressistible and it was gineous to have it in the soup. It was so meaty and infused the bowl with its mouthwatering flavor. The premium ramen has a sensational broth with all the usual ingredients like: scallions, mushroom and shoyu egg. This soup is not spicy but you can request chili paste like I did. I can't wait to see what the rest of the menu looks like! Be on the look out mid December.

Moreover, do you know what it takes to earn a Michelin Star? According to a panel of esteemed food and beverage professionals written about in Michelin Guide, there are five key assessment criteria used to qualify a restaurant for a Michelin Star. Here is what inspectors consider:

"1. Using quality products.

2. Mastery of flavor and cooking technique.

3. Personality of the chef in the cuisine.

4. Value for money.

5. Concistency of food."

Goh, Kenneth. (Aug 1, 2018.) What It Takes To Earn A Michelin Star. Retrieved from

Could you imagine a Michelin Star coming to the city of Temecula? This is such exciting news! The nomination alone is something to be proud of. We are rooting for you, Soho!

Soho Ramen & Sake Bar

41257 Margarita Rd Ste B101

Temecula, CA 92591




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