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My Favorite Things To Do AT The LA County Fair Are Free


The LA County Fair went pop and it made things a lot more fun! There is so much to experience, it's a true adventure. But let's face it, going to the fair can get pricy, especially when you have a family. I may not roll deep with the fam bam... but I'm watching out for you.

FYI, on Wednesdays and Thursdays it's $5 before 5pm. Save big on admission tickets by going early, during a weekday.

After rediscovering the LA County Fair in 2019, I found that the most fun activities to do there, are actually free. Here are the highlights by zone.

1. L.A. Pop Architecture

My favorite zone of the entire park was probably the L.A. Pop Architecture. This large area featured all the Los Angeles landmarks. It was so much fun to see how they recreate the scenes and to reminisce about the beautiful city of LA. Taking photos there is a must!

2. The Great Outdoors

Wild horses and burros were there waiting to be adopted. Although this may not be a petting zoo exactly, we all got to pet them. The wild animals were quite friendly.

3. Roses

There is a lot going on inside the Fairplex Expo. Aside from the Marketplace, which featured more sophisticated food options, there were rose displays and an additional kids zone. What I have dubbed as the "kids zone" had an Alice in Wonderland display, for instance. This was also a great way to get out of the heat.

4. Picnic Hill

Picnic Hill was nice and clean. I am sure this space was meant for people who want to bring in their own food or for those looking for a relaxing place to eat. What's even better is the photo props and the giant size games. How good are you at Jenga, Connect Four or hula hoop? I give up on the hula hoop.

5. Silent Disco

Silent Disco sets up near Picnic Hill around 7 pm. You must exchange your ID for a set of headphones to ensure the return. The headphones have three stations: red (no sound), blue (DJ 1) or green (DJ 2). Two DJs play disco music to a group of people of all ages.

6. Black & Positively Golden

Way behind me, there is a banner hanging from a stage that says "Black & Positively Golden." When I passed through to get to the Great Outdoors zone, people of all ages where on stage singing their lungs out or sitting in the audience enjoying the music. I admire the spirit, the message & the effort. Positivity is golden.

NOTE - Aside from general admission, here's a rough estimate of what I spent: Parking $15, Dole Whip Cup $6.50, Large Corndog $8, Craft Beer $12. I arrived at the fair at 4 pm and left at closing time... to my surprise. There is so much to experience, indeed.


Click the image above to watch a tour of the LA County Fair.

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