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2020 Will Be A Year To Remember

Updated: Apr 5, 2022

Los Angeles Civic Center Hall of Justice All Lives Matter Protest 2020


We are only half way through the year 2020 and so much has already happened, on a small and large scale. Whomever opened Pandora's box needs to close it ASAP. I mean change is good, it just doesn't come easily. Every moment of this year has felt like an infomercial where the host says, "But wait, there's more!" between all dramatized details. We need to catch up. Here's what it was like, living though historic times.


I feel like I owe you an explanation for taking a long pause from this blog. You know how much I love writing and keeping up with the latest and greatest in food. For me, life has taken an unexpected turn. Before I share something very personal with you, let me just say that I am doing well. Thank God. By the way, how are you doing?

Late February, I went on Leave from work and by the end of March, I was among the millions of Americans who became laid-off. You would think that with all the extra time on my hands, I would be consistent in producing content and have more to share with you. But wait... there's more. This employer extended our health benefits for three months at no cost, after the massive lay-off a real relief for me! This whole time I have been non-stop, in and out of doctors offices. I found out, I was one in eight woman with breast cancer.

Being young and generally healthy, this came to most as a shocking surprise. I was considered a rare case. Let's face it, I am of the rare kind. In other words, not your average broad. While everyone was home in quarantine, I was lucky that doctors had the liberty to treat me promptly. I had the green light, all the way. Doctor's had minimal patients as only urgent cases were being considered. I was literally at the hospital having my vey first surgery EVER, during the peak of Covid-19 outbreak. I underwent one procedure and expect two more, in the near future. I want to reassure you that all is well. The details will be reserved for a later time.

Thank you for your understanding and for sticking by Tasteful Escape. You are appreciated!


If I had to illustrate the 2020 pandemic, it would look like a crowd of people trying to get through an enormous Halloween maze... in the dark of course. I started off by minimizing the virus, then taking it very seriously, until I decided to live my life while taking precaution. And by this I mean: plenty of hand washing, hand sanitizer, six feet distancing, no touching face, spraying house with bleach, and wearing a mask that covered the bottom half of my face.

Covid-19 reportedly began in China and was blamed on a bat. This rapid spreading virus seemed to catch the world off guard and highly controversial at that. Hospitals faced a shortage of beds, ventilators and protective gear. The "rona" devastated Italy, tagged Prince Charles and caused a national emergency in the USA. Quarantine was the way we "flattened the curve."

The thing that bothered me most about this crisis, is the uncertainty as it relates to politics. The entire time, I kept wondering if the information provided by officials was based on a political campaign, on ego or on scientific facts. It was confusing, and frankly, I did not know what or who to believe. The defining moment for me was NOT when all stores sold out of toilet paper, but when DISNEYLAND closed all its parks. Thats when I knew, shit hit the fan... no pun intended. From then on, I saw a domino effect in businesses closing.

By the end of March, it was as if the world was on lockdown. Only essential businesses were allowed to operate. Restaurants could only offer food for takeout, drive-thru, pickup or delivery. Even the most popular restaurants struggled economically due to the quarantine. In the process, some had to permanently close their doors.

By June, the government presented a plan that outlined four phases in reopening. As heat waves rolled in, Covid-19 had decreased posing reduced threat. Although most were eager to break quarantine, we knew things would not be the same. Restaurants made modifications to meet guidelines. They were limited to 50% capacity and extended their dine-in space to sidewalks in order to create distance between tables. Might I add, all bars were closed.

During this period, the government also passed a stimulus package which provided economic relief to citizens... but mostly themselves. All taxpayers were granted a one time $1,200 plus $500 per child. Oh, but wait, there's more! The unemployment rate was Great Depression level. Insurance benefits were expanded which included an additional $600 per week. Even undocumented workers received a piece of the pie.

Police Brutality

As coronavirus hit the world, the USA began reopening after a couple months in quarantine. Consecutively, we witnessed media videos of the murder of two Black Americans by white men/ police. Murders which would have no consequence to the perpetrators have they not been recorded & watched by the world. What happened to George Floyd is what we call a “modern day lynching.” The list goes on of people who have been wrongfully killed & brutalized, in the hands of police.

The USA has struggled with a history of police brutality & white supremacy. It seemed like the majority of citizens have had enough. People of all ages and backgrounds were outraged by the video and took to the streets their First Amendment right to protest against this corruption. The manifestations have lasted over a week now, with gatherings between hundreds to thousands.

Major cities across the country have been vandalized, looted & incinerated as agitators infiltrate the crowds. The police continued to play an aggressive role by inciting and employing violence. Teargas, pepper balls and rubber bullets were among the weapons used against citizens. Curfews, which were announced suddenly and ranged between 1 pm to 6 pm, were set in place to criminalize protesters. An act that infringed upon the people's constitutional rights. But wait, there's more. The president threatened to turn the military against its own citizens even after deploying the National Guard. He must have been in such panic that he had an extra wall built on the perimeter of the White House and reposts state he was down in the bunker.

Moreover, live videos show mysterious piles of bricks on street corners. No one knows how they got there. Some protesters mentioned that police cars were ushered in with graffiti already on them, and a woman claims to have seen a police officer set a car on fire. There are many strange claims, as well as, positive ones like these. Strangers passed out bottled water to thirsty protesters and White drivers offered protesters a safe ride home. Wild?

You can watch raw, live footage of these manifestations on social media by individuals and news crews alike. The arial photos included in this blog are screen shots of live videos I watched. As of today, thousands have marched, over ten citizens killed, countless detained, 30 million unemployed and over 100,000 coronavirus deaths.

What else does 2020 have in store? I will fill you in later. I do hope for justice, unity and for a healthy tomorrow. Take care for now.

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