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The Return of Miguel's Herradura Double Barrel Reposado Tequila

Miguel's Herradura Double Barrel Reposado Tequila




Tuesday, November 12 was National Happy Hour Day and Miguel's Restaurant celebration for the return of their signature tequila—Miguel's Herradura® Double Barrel Reposado. Members of the press were welcomed to a tasting at the Dos Lagos location. The patio which overlooks the lake had a private bar and a festive appeal decked out in balloons.

Miguel's signature tequila is back for a limited time only! It is unspecified as to how long this top tequila will be around for. I highly recommend you give it a shot before it's gone.

Miguel's Herradura Double Barrel Reposado Tequila Cocktail

Miguel's Anticuado

The bar served three drinks during the two hour celebration: two handcrafted cocktails made with the signature tequila and a solid pour in a brandy glass.

My favorite drink of the night was Miguel's Anticuado. This cocktail is inspired by the good Old Fashioned. The bartender mixed agave nectar, bitters, muddled oranges and cherries. A generous amount of Miguel's Herradura® Double Barrel Reposado also goes in before it's shaken and poured in a glass with an ice ball. This exhilarating cocktail is garnished with an orange rind and luxardo cherry.

Miguel's Herradura Double Barrel Reposado Tequila Margarita

Old Coin Margarita

We also had the Old Coin Margarita which is served on the rocks and garnished with a lime wedge. This traditional margarita is a mix of fresh lime juice, Cointreau and Miguel's Herradura® Double Barrel Reposado. The bartender did an outstanding job!

Coctel de camarón Avocado Cilantro Shrimp Cocktail Food Comida

Cóctel de Camarón

The celebration included four delicious homestyle appetizers along with chips, salsa and pico de gallo. A round of Cóctel de Camarón was served first.

The Mexican white prawn cocktail is topped with diced tomatoes, serrano chiles and avocado. The concoction of citrus, tomato and spice, was well balanced. It did not require additional of condiments which I really appreciated.

Chile Relleno Comida Food Roasted Pepper Mexican Food

Naked Chile Relleno

My friend who normally doesn't eat chille rellenos due to the batter, really enjoyed this variation. This was also my first time trying their Naked Chile Relleno. We all loved it! The Chile Pasilla had a prominent smokey flavor and a creamy sauce that really complimented the dish.

Tacos Comida Mexican Food Dish Jalapeño Grilled Onions


One dish I was looking forward to is their Heart-A-Taco. I mean, I didn't know in advance what dishes they would serve but I was hoping this taco would make it to the party. Jack cheese is melted onto a single tortilla, then topped with tender carnitas, shredded cheese and all the trimmings.

Burrito Chimichanga Guacamole Crema Mexican Food Comida


The crispy flute was stuffed with cheese and beef. Usually a Flauta is served whole and not bite size as you see here, in case you're confused. This was the last dish served and the portion size was perfect after all the courses.

Miguel's California Mexican Cocina & Cantina

2715 Lakeshore Dr

Corona, CA 92883


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