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RestauRanting: Provecho Grill featuring Chef Rosie O'Connor


I am excited to launch a series of fun videos that highlight people, places and events, in relation to food and travel. This creative endeavor is a long time coming, mostly as it took time to adjust to the concept of appearing live on camera. Watch as I have candid lunch dates with different people, in different places. I hope you enjoy watching as much as I enjoy creating it. Click the video above to watch now.


On this episode of RestauRanting Live, I go to Menifee, California to visit Chef Rosie O'Connor in her restaurant, Provecho Grill. The word "provecho" is commonly used in Mexico to bless a meal and has the same meaning as "bon appétit." A brilliant name for a Mexican restaurant, I would say.

What I enjoy most about dinning at Provecho is not so much the friendly staff, colorful ambiance or hand-crafted cocktails, rather for the rich Mexican cuisine that is not commonly found in local restaurants. We're not just tacoing and burritoing here.

The award winning chef creates a menu that represents her travel experiences to places like Baja California and Oaxaca. Chef's love for California cuisine and Mexican gastronomy goes in line with a modern cultural wave called Cali-Mex. As we see her travel throughout Mexico to learn and broaden her horizons, it is evident that she is devoted to her craft.

I love sandwiches and this culinary gift comes in different styles, names and flavors. During my visit, I try The Pambazo ($14.99), aka torta ahogada or a sandwich that has been drowned. This knife-and-fork torta originated in Mexico City. It is traditionally made with telera bread that has been dipped in warm red guajillo pepper sauce. The bread keeps its integrity and remains spongy on the inside with a nice wet coating on the outside.

A variety of ingredients fill this hearty sandwich. Chef uses a combination of carne asada, chorizo, potato, beans, chopped lettuce, tomato, pico de gallo and sour cream. The bright torta is topped with queso fresco.

The Pambazo exceeds my expectations! It appears flaming red and quite large. It is mouthwatering yet intimidating. The sauce is well balanced with a nice kick and moist bite. One thing I expect from a torta is that it must be fulfilling. Meaning, it doesn't call for a side dish... I am satisfied and complete. The Pambazo passes the test.

Thanking Chef Rosie for joining me in a mukbang becomes a lesson on urban lingo. I can't help but laugh as she becomes excited to participate in mukbanging or eating on camera. She orders the Chile Gueritos ($12.99)—one of my favorite dishes, here. Gueritos translates to blondies. In this case, yellow peppers are stuffed with grilled chipotle shrimp and drizzled with a creamy Cajun sauce, aioli and a side of soy sauce. She offers me one from her plate and I dip right in.

If you follow Chef Rosie's blog, you also know how dedicated she is to the community. She writes for The Valley News in a column called Rosie's Kitchen. She has also been seen on the Cooking Channel, Farmers Market Flip, local radio and was a competitor in Hell's Kitchen. Her personal story is also one that inspires. We hope to see more of Chef Rosie, her adventures and award winning food.

26862 Cherry Hill Blvd

Menifee, CA 92586


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