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RestauRanting: The Pub at Chino Hills



The name might be a little misleading so lets begin by properly labeling this establishment as "gastropub." Just a minor change to hint at the great food served in this New American style restaurant. The decor here is simple yet modern. On the walls hang large black chalkboards with drawings and list of menu items... artist unknown. It has the unpretentious feel of a neighborhood bar with crazy drunk happy hour specials one can only appreciate.

Poke Nachos ($14.99)

One of my favorite appetizers is the shareable Poke Nachos. A colorful tower is made out of layers of marinated raw salmon, cilantro, cucumber, avocado and green onions. Wonton chips are ingenious! Without being greasy, they have amazing crunch and make the perfect vessel to scoop the poke. On the side, we have a spicy ginger dip which I like to pour into the poke to give it an extra kick.

Short Rib Poutine ($11.99)

The Short Rib Poutine is a great way to get that meat and potatoes in without having to use a knife. Golden fries are smothered in beef gravy, natural cheddar and cheese curds. Various combinations of toppings can enhance a bundle of fries yet flaky, braised short rib in this poutine is so ultimate.

Duck Chorizo Chilaquiles ($9.99)

If you’re in the mood for Mexican, you must try the house made duck chorizo. Mini corn tostadas add layers of crunch to the chorizo. You also get strings of gooey melted jack, cheddar and a perfectly fried egg. This unique chilaquile dish is extra saucy and finished with avocado and queso fresco.

Thai Tri Tip Salad ($12.99)

One can always appreciate a good salad. Spring mix is topped with tri tip and adorned with cucumber, shredded carrot and picked red onions. This salad is tossed in a Thai curry vinaigrette dressing and finished with chopped peanuts, green onions and sesame seeds.

Happy Hour

Three is now your lucky number! Beginning at 3pm, enjoy $3 house wine, well drink or draft beer. There are 20 craft beers on tap and a large variety of cold bottled beer for the brewski lover.

Craft cocktails are garnished with fresh ingredients and well worth the $6 price point. I love the bits of fresh fruit blended in some of them. The featured drinks in the photo are: Coconut Mojito, Blueberry Lemon Drop and Strawberry Basil Margarita. We find these to be utterly refreshing without being overly sweet. Try not to engage in debauchery.

Choose from two lists of appetizers on the happy hour menu ($4.99 or $7.99). The food specials include items like: Cilantro Flatbread, Cajun Chicken Quesadilla and PUB Nachos.

Happy Hour runs Saturday through Thursday from 3pm - 6pm and Fridays from 3pm - 7pm.

Hangover Burger ($14.99)

The sun is out and it's time for hair of the dog. The Pub has a tasty remedy for that dreadful hangover or hangry condition. Get a mouthful of this meaty burger topped with crispy bacon and a perfectly fried egg. Looking so sexy, sunny-side-up, waiting to be popped and ooze in your mouth. A runny yolk and beef patty is complimented with avocado, pepper jack cheese and chipotle mustard on a brioche bun. This meal, will put you in the mood to yolk around again.

Tequila Jalapeño Shrimp Pasta ($16.99)

If you don’t drink tequila, you may want to try eating it instead. A bowl of fettuccine pasta is tossed in a heavenly tequila cream sauce with succulent jumbo shrimp. The sauce has a hint of jalapeño lingering in the flavor that is not spicy. I like mixing in the fresh pico de gallo topping and scooping up any sauce with the garlic cheese bread. I’m in cloud nine with this Mexican take!

Spicy Tuna Bowl ($17.99)

The signature Spicy Tuna Bowl is light yet filling. A scoop of fluffy white rice lies at the base while vibrant trimmings adorn the plate so beautifully. Shredded carrot, picked onions, cucumber, edamame and avocado bring in a wave of freshness and textures. Ahi tuna is seared, diced then finished with green onions and sesame seeds. I didn’t find this dish to be spicy at all so I added some of the Poke Nachos’ spicy ginger dip and it was excellent!

Hot Cheetos Burger ($14.99)

As odd as it may sound to some, Hot Cheetos is a trending ingredient. A few ways I have seen it at play is grated or made into crumbs and used as a topping for pizza, loaded fries and street style corn. The question now is, have you had it in a burger?

Brace yourself for an 8 ounce grass fed beef patty stacked with melting pepper jack cheese and Flamin Hot Cheetos. The Hot Cheetos Burger is slathered in garlic aioli with lettuce and tomato on a brioche bun. I really appreciate the flavor consistency throughout this burger, the vibrant colors and the crunch factor imparted by the chips.

Ramen Bowl ($15.99)

The Ramen Bowl is one dish that took me by surprise. Usually, I only come across ramen at Asian restaurants. It seems out of place, therefore, I had low expectations for it.

As the dish is brought to our table, its mouthwatering aroma is strong and I yearn for a taste of the Ramen Bowl. A brilliant concoction of ingredients infuse a dynamic broth. A lot like chicharrón, the pork belly has wonderful textures from chewy to crunchy. The fatty pieces really compliment the ramen noodles, nori seaweed, mushrooms, bamboo shoots, bok choy and poached egg. It is so damn good, I would like to officially dub this dish “Radical Ramen!” Its current name doesn’t do it justice.

Caprese Flatbread ($12.99)

There are a handful of scrumptious flatbreads on the menu that you can either have as a meal or share as an appetizer. My friends and I, shared the delicious Caprese which is topped with mozzarella, oven roasted tomatoes, fresh basil leaves and drizzle in a balsamic glaze.

Sunday brunch runs from 10am - 2pm with bottomless Mimosas ($14) and crafted bloody Mary's ($5). Garnish your bloody Mary with a variety of toppings like bacon, chicken wing, or jalapeño popper.

The Pub at Chino Hills is situated off the CA—71 freeway in a small clean looking plaza.

5771 Pine Ave,

Chino Hills, CA 91709


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