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Here's What A Skin Care Inspired Menu Looks Like



During an exclusive event of beauty and wellness, we celebrated the launch of the new luxury skin care line– Skin Regiment– complete with a skin care inspired menu created by Glen Ivy Hot Springs' Executive Chef.

There are oodles of skincare products on the market to help us achieved healthier

skin and we place so much emphasis in this area of our lives. Skin is our body's largest organ and remains in the state of constant growth with old cells dying while new cells form.

I was probably sixteen years old when I decided that for fun, I would give myself a facial like the ones I saw on TV. I made an avocado facial and placed cucumber slices over my eyes. It was then when my dad suggested that ingesting those items might have a greater impact than merely placing it over the skin.


There are mornings when I may have coffee or fresh-pressed green juice at home, but today, Muesli is on the menu in addition to this. This superb breakfast item is much better than oatmeal and I must find a recipe to recreate it. In this fine concoction is a swirl of nut butter, chewy figs and berries for garnish.



A lunch buffet primarily of vegan food was well received. At play are vibrant colors, whole grains and greens. The Coconut Forbidden Rice was one of my favorite sides. Lentil is hard to dress up and to my surprise, it did so well in the veggie slider. The Steamed Whitefish was moist and the only item that was not vegan. We washed down the skin care inspired meal with Tulsi iced Tea. With food like this, being vegan couldn't be too hard.

Fresh Salad Bowl

Grain Salad Bowl

Bok Choy

Coconut Forbidden Rice

Steamed Whitefish

Lentil Veggie Sliders with Black Buns


Found in the southern forests of Chile, the maqui berry looks like a purple blueberry while it's flavor is similar to that of a blackberry. This fruit is also know as the "Chilean wineberry" and perhaps the next "super-food." It is a powerhouse of nutrients, antioxidants and has an astonishing list of health benefits. One reason why it makes it on the menu today, is for its anti aging properties.

Chef incorporates maqui berry so brilliantly into the dessert items. Being that the menu seemed utterly healthy, I was surprised by the level of sweetness here. I suppose we earned this sweet treat. The fudge was chewy while the yogurt had plenty of fresh fruit for the dipping. The pop of berry made for an intriguing gastronomical experience.

Maqui Berry Fudge

Fresh Fruit with White Chocolate Maqui Berry Yogurt

25000 Glen Ivy Rd

Corona, CA 92883



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