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Dish It: El Chapo Surf & Turf Burrito from Sonora Grill

Hold it in your hands and call it your bae-ritto.


Are you ready to try the most extraordinary burrito? I'm talking about extra meaty, extra juicy and so extra large you will need to gather a party to take it down! Sonora Grill is known for their bacon wrapped burritos called El Chapo, and I had to get my hands on one.

Sonora Grill is located in the city of Moreno Valley, California in a small shopping center between March Field Air Museum and Riverside County Superior Court.

One astonishing variation of El Chapo is the Surf & Turf special. This burrito is made with two 14 inch flour tortillas that are hand-made in-house, daily. The tortillas are set to partially overlap one another in order to achieve an astronomical size. A minimal layer of rice and beans coat the tortillas to set the base for one pound of juicy Angus beef- carne asada AND one pound of large succulent shrimp. The burrito is then topped with fire roasted salsa, pico de gallo and avocado, before it's wrapped into a bundle of joy. As if this isn't enough to get our mouth watering, the burrito is then wrapped in a quarter pound of bacon and grilled until crispy. Mama-mia!

El Chapo Surf & Turf Burrito is at large... and I mean LARGE. ($55)

I took a serrated knife to cut a slice of burrito for myself. I held a (burger size) piece in my hands and bite after bite was a mouth full of juicy steak, shrimp and bacon. I become excited as the meat and juices are overflow. The meats were well seasoned. Sonora steak has a of smoky flavor, while the shrimp a secret garlic blend. I did not realize it had beans until I read the description. The burrito is loaded with amazing flavor only a combination of this sort can provide. It had my taste buds screaming, FIESTA, FIESTA!

On a recent trip to Sonora Grill, five Inland Empire foodies and I, took El Chapo down. Watch the action take place on my Instagram video above.

Now, if you don't have a hungry team like I did, there is a personal size El Chapo Burrito ($10.99) on the menu you can order with your choice of meat. Note that the Surf & Turf special only comes in party size.

Each bite is full of plump shrimp, juicy steak and crispy bacon!

Bury me with burrito wrappers so the burrito gods know I lived a full life.

Business Owner Rudy & Rose

23962 Alessandro Blvd

Moreno Valley, CA 92553


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