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Pro-Team Buns: Coming to an Eatery Near You

Lettuce eat well and be healthy.

We have seen a growing demand for sustainable food due to a movement for clean eating. Products made of kale, chia and coconut, as well as, labels that promote organic, free-range and natural ingredients have been all the rave, these past years. With this in mind, one man had the brilliant idea to put a patent on a lettuce bun. Soon, you may see a new healthy-choice product hit the market.

In August 2017, I had the opportunity to interview Arthur Roldan, the CEO of Pro-Team Buns, LLC. We met at a diner in Murrieta, California, where the lettuce bun was being launched. The interview was casual and I recorded LIVE on Facebook.

Click above to watch the interview.

In the interview, Mr. Roland tells of a time when he was on the Atkin’s diet and began eating protein style burgers. One day, he sparked a conversation with a stranger sitting nearby. They both agreed that in a perfect word, they would eat more buns made of lettuce. He was then compelled to make the lettuce bun convenient and accessible. By no means does he believe it will supersede the tradition bun, yet healthy alternatives are in demand. I go on to try Siggy’s Restaurant Cheeseburger made with the Pro-Team bun.

On March 16, 2018, a black tie event was held in Temecula, California , to celebrate the one year anniversary of Pro-Team Buns, LLC. I was in attendance and had a chance to follow up with the CEO and investors.

Click above to watch follow up clip.

The star of the night was the lettuce bun and we began the celebration by singing the Happy Birthday song. Mr. Roldan hosted the event and introduced each investor. Throughout the night we stopped to listed to short speeches on how they each got on board.

The funniest speech was given by a lady who said she learned to speak English by watching day-time TV. She had us interact by booing and applauding as she portrayed a scene of the infamous Jerry Springer Show. She went on to say she was blessed to be part of a great venture.

An estimated 25 rounded tables filled a hall with centerpieces made of a license plate attached to a head of lettuce. Also in the center, was a front and back display of a country, the patent and trademark number.

The appetizer course consisted of a lettuce bun filled with lobster.

For the main course, we assemble a sandwich, burger and/or a hot dog with lettuce buns. I went for a salmon burger.

The open bar served water, beer and red/white wine from South Coast Winery.

At the celebration, I had the pleasure of meeting Chef Pierre Chapat, from Westlake Village.

Then, there was a sweet surprise of tasty vanilla-chocolate cake and singing Happy Birthday to Mr. Roldan. The night came to a close with a champaign toast and dancing.

Marc & Tim

Lorna & friends

The Roldan's

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