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Dish It: Backyard Burger

Bomb and Boujee Burger!


Over the past decade, the all-American burger went from being a fast-food staple to a ubiquitous house signature item at most restaurants. Giant burgers stacked with unusual ingredients are commonly sought after for their Instagram-worthy appeal.

Whether or not your camera is ready to snap photos of food, presentation is a key element of any quality dish. What I find more important than presentation, however, is flavor and quality. A dish that offers more than just aesthetics, is a blog-worthy dish.

When it comes to burgers, I don't want anything in-between. I either opt for the drive-thru (In & Out) or a bomb and boujee burger. And by "bomb and boujee," I mean the Backyard Burger ($16) from PUBlic House, in Old Town Temecula.

Allow me to illustrate. The patty is made of 100% grass fed wagyu beef perfectly cooked with a pink center, or medium rare. The cilantro-jalapeño Dijon explodes with flavor in my mouth, along with whole grilled onions and melting white cheddar. This burger also contains the usual suspects: juicy tomato, romaine lettuce and a locally sourced soft bun. At no point did I question the freshness. The burger comes with a side of crispy house cut fries. My mouth waters just thinking about the juicy beef dripping in spicy Dijon. It's the bomb.


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