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Tastefully Yours: Behind the Scenes of Episode 1

On our way to Temecula Wine Country, we made our first stop at Heart of the House Restaurant. Executive Chef and owner, Richard Bustos, presents a cooking demo on his signature Duck L'Orange. He sears a beautiful breast of duck and plates it with fennel, orange sauce, fresh arugula, sliced pear and finishes it off with a balsamic drizzle.

Here are behind the scene photos and the video.

Producer, Eddie de la Rosa, sets up shop.

He is ready to capture everything and anything.

Chef Bustos in his natural habitat.

He then sets the mood for what we are about to experience.

This is my hangry face. Give me the food & no one gets hurt.

Chef Bustos makes cooking look so easy.

He plates the duck & is ready for the next chef challenge.

We are ready to eat, but first... a photo.

What a sexy piece of duck breast!

Duck lips at a duck dinner... seems appropriate.

Vualá... le Duck L'Orange.

Forks before dorks.

A breeze sweeps in as I take the first bite.

And that's a wrap! Cheers!

If you're happy & you know it, hug the chef.

Tastefully Yours - Episode 1 (video)

Since the filming of this episode, the restaurant announce that it will be closing. We are glad to have captured and shared a special memory in our journey. We thank Heart of the House for the quality they provided, dedication and service to the community.

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